Bmw First service Autotec Northwest

Bmw 1 series 2016 model in this week for its first oil service and vehicle check using genuine parts and correct specification oil. The service is then recorded with Bmw online digital service book to protect your new Bmw warranty,  using the official dealer diagnostic software the service history is written to the Bmw i drive system as done at the main dealer.

At Autotec Northwest we can service your Bmw without invalidating your new Bmw warranty.

Audi Q7 Air suspenion fault

This week we had a look at a very tidy  Audi Q7 Air with suspension faults, the car was showing some strange behaviour including the ride height dropping and raising by itself and dropping over night, using Genuine online Audi diagnostic computers and repair information we carried out an investigation into faults with the pressure sensor and valve block involving wiring and compressor tests once repaired the ride height was calibrated and the car road tested before being returned to a happy customer.